10 Best Image Tools for Content Marketers

10 Best Image Tools for Content Marketers

If you deal with social media a lot, you need to know that every platform requires various measurements for the images you upload.

These measurements guarantee that you can create the best-looking photo for that position or area, be it a Facebook cover image or a cover photo for Instagram, a Twitter header, or anything else.

To do this by hand is a pointless endeavor due to the fact that now there are plenty of tools that can assist you to control your images into the dimensions and sizes appropriate for the majority of, if not all social networking sites out there.

Here are 10 great tools that can help you to better manage your images for greater social engagement online.

#1 Canva – An All-in-one Design Program

Among the most-used image tools in the world, Canva makes image production incredibly easy, with their premade templates, custom image sizes for every single social media channel, drag-and-drop user interface, and cool font styles.

f you understand the specific measurements of the image you want to create a custom size before clicking into any of the premade design templates

#2 Placeit – Integrating your site inside their cool stock photos

For producing lovely images that feature your home page, blog, app, or service, Placeit provides some cool combinations with your web address and their photography and video.

Choose a background from Placeit’s library, then submit a screenshot or give Placeit a URL to get into in order to insert your site into the image, and Placeit does the rest. You can download or embed your brand-new creation anywhere.

#3 Skitch – Screenshot and annotation

Our go-to screenshot tool, Skitch pops up with a quick keyboard shortcut (Cmd+ Shift +5 on Macs), then you can click and drag over the place you wish to cut. People keep coming back to this tool because of the incredible and simple annotation features.

You can circle, indicate, blur things, and add text with simply a couple of quick clicks.

#4 Social Image Resizer Tool

There are numerous image size guidelines for numerous social networking sites that it will be a surprise if you can keep an eye on them.

With Social Image Resizer Tool you don’t have to fret about all these figures and dimensions, simply click the item you wish to produce your image in and the tool resizes your photo for you. You can then export the image to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube.

#5 CloudApp – Screencast GIFs

You can use this tool for your internal image sharing since CloudApp lets you save images online and link to them rapidly and quickly for fast sharing.

Their brand-new Mac app has a lot more sophisticated features like screengrabs and GIF development. With the app opened, you can push Cmd+ Shift +6 to make a GIF video of anything you do on your screen.

When the image production is completed, CloudApp can instantly put the image URL onto your clipboard. 

#6 Social Media Image Maker

This tool pretty much covers all major social networking sites out there, and it is the ideal tool to find the best size and measurements for usage on any of the 15 top socials media and services.

Make profile images, headers, cover photos, backgrounds, then publish them directly to the platforms from the tool.

#7 PowerPoint – Easy image software

Presentation software might not be the first thing that enters your mind for image development, yet there are a large number of amateur designers who get fantastic use out of developing images through the design templates and tools baked right into PowerPoint.

Consider slides as images, and then consider how simple it is to modify slides in PowerPoint. You can set images as slide backgrounds, including text and colors, and place icons and graphics. When you save the slide in PowerPoint, pick to conserve as an image, and you’ll be set.

#8 Pablo – Image Creator

Use Pablo to develop the image you need in under 30 seconds. Place your quote, add a secondary text or a logo, fix your headline text size and color then choose your background. You can choose any of the available images or upload your own.

You can also modify the images to carry a blurry effect or to change them into a black and white picture.

#9 Easel.ly – Infographic Creation Tool

Easel.ly’s makes it possible for you to embed charts, photos, and more. You can begin with a prebuilt template, and after that personalize yourself, or you can go genuinely bare-bones and construct the entire infographic.

Easel.ly comes with a huge number of icons, shapes, and items that you can drag and drop into your editor.

#10 Pinwords – Multifunctional Image Tool

Pinwords assist you to add a quote or caption to one of six typographic layouts. Your text can be quickly shifted about, get bigger, or shrunk to the right size.

Upload an image you want to deal with or pick an image from the web to get going, choose the font style or typography design that you desire, change the size of your text then click “Pin it” to save all your modifications.

Furthermore, these tools are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are plenty of other options that content marketers can explore to assist take their visual content production efforts from a time-consuming process to fun and appealing one.