10 of the best Spotify playlists

10 of the best Spotify playlists

Music has always been the glue that has kept people together. No matter where you are from or similar taste in music definitely helps you know people better. We all have formed some sort of friendships on the basis of music. Not just friendship, music can also be your only partner when no one’s watching or when you’re cooking or working or even studying. 

The best music streaming website Spotify has made listening to music even better for everyone. It provides access to over 50 million songs and even more is added every day. Music discovery features on Spotify such as “discovery weekly” helps listeners to find new music to listen to and enjoy their favorite songs. Spotify also makes customized playlists for its users based on their music history. 

Spotify Playlists

Spotify allows you to create your own playlists and has options for already made playlists that are made by Spotify itself. You can name your own playlists and add new songs to them. Spotify playlists have songs from almost all genres put together for you. All you have to do is search for what kind of music you’re in the mood for and Spotify will give a whole playlist for that. Here are the 10 best Spotify playlists you can listen to:

#1 Today’s top hits 

This playlist created by Spotify has over 100 songs in it and is the most listened to playlist on Spotify. It has all hit songs that you can listen to. If you can’t find a popular song that you listened to somewhere, it probably will be in Spotify’s today’s top hits playlist. It is a great playlist for anyone to enjoy. 

#2 Global top 50 

Spotify takes care of all of its users from all over the globe. If you’re tired of listening to the same music Spotify helps you reach to all popular global artists and enjoy the music of all kinds. It features songs of many genres from global artists.

#3 RapCaviar

If you’re a crazy hip-hop fan, this playlist is for you. It features all of your favorite popular hip-hop artists You can jam to this playlist in your car or in your room whenever you feel like getting the energy boost that rap songs give you. It is the perfect playlist for any day.  

#4 Your favorite Coffeehouse 

If you’re in the mood to listen to soft, mild tunes, this playlist is the one for you. It features nice, mellow tunes that you can listen to while having your coffee at your house or any coffeehouse and you can listen to it while working as well. It is a great playlist to help you calm your mind.

#5 Songs to sing in the car

Car rides are the best when you’re listening to music. This playlist features all the songs that you can sing your heart out to in your car when you’re going anywhere. 

#6 All out 00s

The 00s were the era of great music. This playlist can take to back to the times when your favorite artists released the greatest music of all times and everything was nice. 

#7 iViva Latino!

This playlist can be your go-to playlist if you’re a fan of Latino music. You can play this in your car, you can dance to it in your room. It’s a great playlist to lift your mood. 

#8 Beast Mode

If you listen to this playlist lying around in your room, it will surely make you want to start working out. These are the best playlists for your gym or your home workouts. It will give you the energy boost that you need to work out. 

#9 Rock classics

Rock music has always been a very popular genre of all time. The classics are to die for. This playlist features popular rock classics that you should listen to. If you’re a rock fan, this is the playlist for you.

#10 All out 80s 

Spotify does not let good music be forgotten. The 80s music is evergreen. There cannot be anyone who possibly doesn’t have at least one 80s song that they love very much. If you’re an old soul, this is the playlist for you.