14 Mobile Apps to Create Branded Visuals

10 Mobile Apps to Create Branded Visuals

Creating and improving material with said visuals isn’t always so easy, especially when you don’t have fast access to a graphic designer or animator.

The great thing about being a marketer in this age is that with some imagination, you can make some spectacular visuals for your material, or you can use a few of these mobile apps to develop some amazing media, all from your fingertips.

If you’re looking to narrate through images, animated videos, or collaborative pieces, you will definitely discover an app here that will help your organization portray its story and its objective.

#1 Over

If you require to add some fast text to an image, Over might just be the way to go, as it’s very easy to use and the interface is pretty instinctive.

Although there is a decent range of fonts to choose from, you’ll quickly see that they make it really tempting to update to all the other typeface packs they have readily available for an in-app purchase.

#2 Impresso

This app assists you create animated stories for Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, and offers a host of alternatives relating to the frames, templates, typeface, and color.

Impresso permits you to create a square, picture, and landscape dimensioned material and curates them for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. By using Impresso, you can mold your material into a professional-looking one on-brand media.

#3 VSCOcam

By far my favorite app for taking and editing images. The video camera allows you to pick a separate focus and direct exposure areas, which is actually practical when you have difficult lighting when shooting.

The finest part about the app is its professional-grade filters, as they put every other app to shame. It likewise enables you to enter and tweak the images with a variety of adjustment tools.

#4 InShot

If you required to cover a live event while making a spectacular video at the same time, InShot has whatever you require. With its easy-to-use interface, video editing becomes a lot easier than your typical video content editor, and you can sew your videos together flawlessly, from your phone or tablet, which helps enormously with your social media visuals.

Additionally, InShot enables you to put in multi-media functions, such as music, sticker labels, and even fonts that enable you to remain on-brand and professional.

#5 Quick

Made by the exact same people who developed Over, this app is exactly what the title would have you believe, and it makes including text to an image incredibly fast.

It also integrates perfectly with the iOS 8 ability to use apps within other apps, while you can access the Quick user interface right from your native iOS Photos app.

#6 Fyuse

Spacial photography is one of the newest and trendiest methods of producing content, and it gives your audience more viewpoints on your brand and business story.

By using 3D photography, you can take your pictures and make them into something interactive for your audiences to delight in. On top of all its awesome features, the app is completely totally free.

#7 Hyperlapse

Instagram’s newest app enables you to develop time-lapse videos. However, it’s regrettable that this app came out just a few weeks prior to iOS 8, which adds this feature to the native cam app.

The Hyperlapse app includes the capability to adjust the speed of the time-lapse after you capture it, and a level of control that the native iOS function does not.

#8 Mojo

Mojo is the very best app when it comes to making bold and captivating graphics along with your stories. With countless design templates to choose from, you can utilize their animations, and you can even add your own fonts and logo designs to produce lovely visual results.

While Mojo is complimentary to download, its pro-version does cost a few bucks, and you have choices for in-app purchases.

#9 Mextures

With Mextures, you can add some major spice to your images with professional-grade overlays, gradients, and light leaks. You can also integrate results and produce solutions that you can utilize over and over once again to produce a consistent style.

The app likewise features collective modifying and sharing of solutions which can be a lot of fun if you want to have several individuals contribute to your creations.

#10 Unfold

If you have a propensity for storytelling, Unfold is the app for you. They are constantly upgrading templates and brand-new fonts for you to utilize, and you’ll like how easy it is to arrange your stories into folders for later use.

Their professional appearance and classy feel will provide your stories with a great effect while reinforcing your message. The app is complimentary to utilize and uses in-app purchases for different design templates, while you can likewise be a part of their annual subscription list.


When sorting through all these apps, you’ll wish to discover the ones that work best for you, since not every app will work best for you and how you approach creating visual material.

Establish a design that is consistent with what people will start to expect from you. When you establish a style that you and your audience likes, your brand will become all the more recognizable, unique, and effective.