25 of the Best GIFs Artists

25 of the Best GIFs Artists

The dependency on GIFs to interact with our thoughts and sensations online is something that is continuously progressing, and with an assault of media at our fingertips, words are ending up being less reliable when communicating online.

Words provide literal definitions, as GIFS supplies a quick and easy communicative tool to get the message throughout and proceed.

GIF is an art form of the digital age and something that requires to be offered more attention to a mainstream audience. Here we will call 25 GIF artists who are changing the world of digital images.

Intro to GIF

GIF Stands for “Graphics Interchange Format,” and is an image file format frequently used for images on the internet and sprites in software applications. Unlike the JPEG image format, GIFs utilize lossless compression that does not break down the quality of the image. Nevertheless, GIFs save image information using indexed color, suggesting a basic GIF image can include an optimum of more than 250 colors.

GIFs are much better suited for buttons and banners on websites considering that these kinds of images typically do not need plenty of colors. Most web designers prefer to use the newer PNG format, given that PNGs support a more comprehensive range of colors and consist of an alpha channel.

The world of art is another place where GIFs are acquiring traction, as graphic designers and artists are finding that the crossover of animation and cultural referencing is too golden to pass up.

25 of the best GIFs Artists

#1 Alastair Gray

You might open his very first GIF and after quite a long you recognize that it’s been few minutes since you opened it. He uses textures that connect into an endless loop, and that is enchanting.

#2 A.L.Crego 

This artist produces incredible images on the walls of streets and lanes. Hope you do not see something like this for real since that would indicate you’ll be out of a sound mind and body.

#3 Julian Glander

His GIFs are a smart mix of fun, color, and humor. They’re like brief animations, a snippet of blobby goodness, and his 3D shapes offer us the exact same sense of stop-start animation with a digital twist.

#4 Reuben Sutherland

Bright, abstract, comprehensive, hypnotizing – these words explain the animation style of the London artist. After taking a look at a gif for numerous seconds, you get dizzy and solid-colored walls around you start acquiring brand-new colors.

#5 Florian de Looij

Simple color spectrums become a hypnotic repeated pattern for this artist, and the viewpoint and colors do the work for you to develop satisfying GIFscapes.

#6 Lacey Micallef

A young GIF artist, who mainly makes animation GIFs, Micallef discovered fame through her Breaking Bad-inspired GIFs. Using characters from the show, she develops her own 8-bit world loaded with Nintendo nostalgia.

#7 Rebecca Mock

Has an un-flashy work that integrates a more standard illustrative touch with an easy movement, and her background in comics indicates that these GIFs integrate narrative aspects too.

#8 James Myrick

Myrick first rose to fame by sporting a spiral beard. Nicknamed Arctic Fox, Myrick is known mainly as an indie filmmaker, nonetheless, he’s establishing trustworthiness in the GIF globe currently.

#9 Signe Pierce

In his work, we discover hyper-reality integrate with brash colors, marketing mottos, and robotic figures. Chiming completely with the GIF’s medium, Pierce catches a dystopian world, where high fashion collides with abject failure.

#10 INSA

Hailing from a graffiti street art background, UK-based INSA takes progressive shots of murals he’s developing to reveal to people his art come to life. Dubbed the ‘GIF-it’s artist, his newest project was hailed as the world’s biggest GIF

#11 Joe Hamilton

Based in Australia, Joe Hamilton uses interactive photos to display the interaction between innovation and nature. His GIFs normally consist of a material object with a background of something natural such as a river.

#12 Paul Robertson

Considered in the art world to be the best 8-bit illustrator, Paul Robertson has acquired around the world fame for the Scott Pilgrim computer game.

#13 Nicolas Ménard

Commissioned for California Inspires Me, Nicolas has animated the well-known tale of Jack Black growing up in Hermosa Beach.

#14 Karo Rigau

An illustrator from Berlin produces incredible, and heartfelt illustrations, while they are imbued with kindness and playfulness.

#15 Anna

The 25-year-old Finnish artist is excellent at creating things in her particular design, and it is charming.

#16 Eran Mendel

#17 Uno Moralez

#18 Mathieu Boulet

#19 Patakk

#20 Jen Lee

#21 Joe Maccarone

#22 Cindy Suen

#23 Sachin Teng

#24 Archery

#25 Yang Hua Chun

These are just some of the skilled GIF artists who have actually gone beyond the expectations of a GIF, creating genuinely gorgeous art that encapsulates the contemporary digital age.

This is imagination at its best, declining to play by the guidelines, and simply going all out, making the world of animation get a great deal larger.