6 Tips for Social Media Optimization

6 Tips for Social Media Optimization

You would be familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO); however, with the increasing completion on social media, the need for social media optimization is also being felt. All businesses and brands are competing for digital presence; therefore, it is important for you to take some necessary steps which will help you outplay your presence on social media platforms. 

However, before we jump into details, let’s see what Social Media Optimization really is. Usually, brands and businesses set up their social media accounts and handle and post random stuff, but this is certainly not the right approach. Carefully creating, curating, and scheduling social media content for driving sales is known as social media optimization. SMO also aids in strengthening your brand image while assisting you in generating leads. 

Here are six simple steps which you can adopt to maximize your reach on social media platforms. 

#1 Keyword and hashtag Research

Similar to Search Engine Optimization, SMO is also about keywords. The difference is that in the case of social media, keywords usually occur in the form of hashtags. You must identify keywords and trending hashtags before you post anything on social media. Prior knowledge of trending hashtags would help you create viral content, which would immediately attract eyeballs. The hashtag strategy would do miracles for you. For instance, if you have to sell cheesecakes in Seattle, you could use hashtags such as #ChicagoSpecial #ChicagoCheeseCake. These would immediately help you capture the attention of your potential customer. Therefore, the first tip for social media optimization is to keep track of keywords and trending hashtags and then incorporate them in your posts smartly and effectively. 

#2 Strategy Optimization

This should come as no surprise; SMO can be achieved without a proper strategy. Since the world of social media is always changing, therefore, you must have a fluid strategy. What works today might not work tomorrow. Henceforth, having a long-term goal might not be a good strategy for social media. The idea is to have short-term goals; these would also help you keep track of your performance. Moreover, social media is all about changing trends, and few businesses often fall into the trap of creating viral content. The thing about viral content is that there is no recipe for viral content. All you need to do is create engaging content whilst keeping the current trends in mind and leave the rest on your followers. 

#3 Complete Your profiles

Alright, so we know that you would think that isn’t obvious. Yes, it is, but according to a survey, almost 50% of businesses on Facebook had incomplete profiles. Therefore you must complete your profiles first. All your social media accounts must have similar information. The right way to go about it is to copy the information from your website. Your content must be similar and should feel like coming from one place. The harmony between your social media accounts and handles plays a crucial role in social media optimization. 

#4 Timing plays a crucial role

When it comes to social media, timing is important. You must keep track of your posts and should identify the hours in which your posts do well. There are various tools that could help you keep track of this information. Moreover, the frequency of the posts also varies from platform to platform. For example, in the case of Facebook, 7-10 posts a week would be enough, whereas, for Twitter, You would need to tweet at least five times in order to stay relevant. Therefore, identify the timings and frequencies of your social media handles and then post accordingly.

#5 Create Engaging Content

They say that content is king, and it indeed is; regardless of all the strategies and planning, if you fail to create engaging and attention grasping the content, you would not be able to optimize your social media. Hence it is important that you spend good time on content creation.

#6 Use Social Media Analytics

These days businesses are on multiple social media platforms. Keeping track of all social media accounts and handles might come across as a tiresome task. Therefore you must seek help. There are numerous social media analytic tools that could not only help you with your posting but would also provide you real-time statistics. Therefore use these tools and optimize your strategy accordingly.  

6 Tips for Social Media Optimization