7 Of The Best Music Videos For 2021

7 Of The Best Music Videos For 2021

This year is the eventual rollercoaster ride, flinging our feelings around there for sport. and with plenty of concerts on standby a while longer, YouTube managed to hold much more weight in 2021 and the year before as artists poured much of their productive energy into music videos to appease fan base who could no longer stand to watch their house walls.

Let us wind up seven of the top-class music videos launched in 2021. They are listed here below in descending manner:

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights 

Starboy joins Sin City for this Anton Tammi-directed binge. “Blinding Lights” takes up at which Heartless Weekend ended off, after a hallucinatory journey induced by the sucking of a frog.

The video begins with the artist smiling like a crazy man, his face soaked with gore, and then suddenly he continues a trip across Las Vegas’ nightlife.

Beyoncé – Already

It’s hard to pick only one music video from the visual festival that is Beyoncé’s Black Is King movie, however, “Already” will be that one that always gives chills. Queen Bey and Shatta Wale rejoice Blackness probably right in the backyard garden of Nima, the Ghanaian nightclub star. 

After all, “Already” is stronger as it is viewed within the broader context of “Black Is King.” Although on its own, this video is a meticulously stylized and highly impressive undertaking. You can actually stop “Already” at any time, and it would appear like a painting.

Dua Lipa – Physical

The music video starts with Lipa plummeting her hands onto a man’s body and taking out his still very much beating heart. The intertwined scenarios of animation and color scheme choreography in “Physical” fit well enough for the music video, meanwhile giving a fantastic vibe to the song. 

The song derives its strength from lavish percussion (particularly the flute in the opening sequence) and the cheesy ’80s sample.

Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar

Styles pushed “Watermelon Sugar” up around 1,000 notches with a pleasingly huge cast, one of which lauded his respectful conduct, calling himself a “consent king” and a very appropriate, very successful commitment to “touching.”

In the middle of lockdown, “Watermelon Sugar” came like a blast of air of heat joy, and energy, giving a taste of an optimistic scenario. It was strong enough to bring the music video a fresh identity as a summer song.

Lady Gaga ft. Ariana Grande – Rain On Me

“Rain on Me” is just as spectacular as you can imagine from a strong pop pair teaming up. It’s a blessing that Lady Gaga was able to introduce Ariana Grande so graciously onto her unusual, beautifully choreographed domain.

The track celebrates strength and happiness in the midst of catastrophe, so watching Gaga and Grande raise their hands and practically groove in the rain, particularly considering the pain that both females have suffered and publicly experienced—gives “Rain on Me” a feeling of breadth and connectedness that all of us want.

‘WAP’ By Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion

“WAP” is exactly the sort of music video that enhances the album from catchy to emblem. The song is unshakable, glorified dirty, so only a video that truly honors Cardi B and Megan Thy Stallion meaning indeed their talents and their curvy hips do honor justice to it.

However, the “WAP” brilliance does not end here anyway. At the expense of one video, viewers are also compensated through Norman dancing breaks and the constant laughter of furious, lewd radical pundits happily revealing their complete lack of interest in women’s sexuality.

‘Don’t Judge Me’ By FKA twigs, Headie One, And Fred Again…

Black British writers, campaigners, designers, and poets accompany Walker’s fountain, and the camera endures on their faces and gestures. The shot cuts off the FKA twigs seated alone in an ornamented house as she stands up to dance, the unseen force draws her back to the seat from where she started, and at one stage even raises her back to level one around the floor. 

Twigs defined the clip as a reflection of exploring the society as a minority woman and rising off here against subtle forms of oppression.