7 of the Best Screencasting Software in 2020

8 of the Best Screencasting Software in 2020

Recording and sharing a video recording of your screen can be the quickest, easiest, and most effective method of sharing knowledge in many different scenarios

And to assist you with this, there is an entire variety of screencasting software applications in the market, which offers a range of functions on top of basic screen recording ability.

In spite of their popularity, it can be a challenge to discover the best screencasting software for your needs, as there are hardly any extensive resources on the internet which do a detailed evaluation of the various tools out there.

I decided to create an extensive guide that will assist you to make the ideal choice by comparing the various screen recording software.

What is Screencasting?

A screencast is a digital video recording of your computer system screen and usually includes audio narration. Screencasts are just one of the many different kinds of training videos.

Screencasting not only saves your time addressing the same concerns over and over but as a matter of fact, over 80% of viewers tend to recall a video they have watched before.

Unlike a screenshot, screencasts can be called a screen capture video or screen recording and is a fantastic method to teach or share ideas.

Top 7 Screencasting Softwares

#1 Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is the most beginner-friendly screen recording service that’s offered on both Windows and Mac, plus it also offers a separate app for Android and iOS.

The software provides all the recording includes that developers need, like the capability to capture your screen, including a webcam, and record narration as well as system audio.

Scripted Recording is a distinct function that lets you import a script and break it into sections and then add narration and screen recording separately.

#2 FilmoraScrn

When you are utilizing the very best screencasting tool, you will require to look at the way that your trainees engage the finest, and this tool features quite a lot of powerful editing features.

Being able to pan and zoom methods you can highlight the important parts of the tutorial that students will need rather than puzzling them with a full page that might take longer to learn.

You can upload tutorials utilizing the tools for teachers to YouTube with simply one click, which allows students to engage using a service they are most likely to have actually used before.

#3 Camtasia

Camtasia is the most feature-rich screencast software out there that likewise consists of a full-blown video editing software.

It uses all the standard recording options, so you can tape your whole screen or a portion of it, record the system, and your microphone audio together, as well as combine all these streams with the webcam feed.

You can likewise pause and resume while taping, while each of the streams is taped as a different track, so they can be modified separately and integrated with versatility.

#4 Camstudio

Camstudio has been created as an open-source program that works with Windows. It can record both visual and audio activity and offer you a premium recording as an instructor to reveal to your students.

It can be used to produce demonstrations for all videos and software, a totally free screencasting tool, record part or all of your screen, allows for voice-overs and text, as well as records 1280 x 720 quality videos.

As free software, it will not consist of all of the functions you would get if you were to pay, as in most other products. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic way to discover how to use a screencasting tool as there is not as much to find out.

#5 ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is another popular screen recording service but it is offered only on Mac. To start with, it’s the absence of compatibility with Windows can be a deal-breaker for numerous users.

That being stated, ScreenFlow has quite decent video modifying and improvement features, so if you are a Mac user, it is certainly worth considering.

In regards to taping capabilities, it again offers you all the basic alternatives like the ability to integrate your screen recordings with the webcam feed, your system audio, in addition to your microphone audio.

#6 Google Hangout

Google Plus Hangout is a free-to-use screencasting tool, however, also has the advantage of letting trainees and teachers connect in a live environment which is great for class conversations.

The recordings from Google Hangout can also be submitted to YouTube, which makes it easy for trainees to wrap up on details they may have forgotten from earlier lessons on a platform they more than most likely already use or have used before at some point.

#7 Screencastify

Screencastify is generally a Chrome extension but it can also catch recordings outside of the web browser window on your computer system. As far as screen recording is concerned, it offers all the essential recording functions.

Nevertheless, when it comes to video editing and enhancements, you can just do simpler things like cropping and trimming your video, bringing focus on the mouse pointer, or a few more of the same nature.

As a result, Screencastify is a great option only for producing fast screen recordings and not full tutorials or training videos.

#8 Screencast-o-matic

Screencast-o-Matic is an easy-to-use screencasting tool. You can utilize it to tape screen, webcam and, personalize videos, in which you can also include text, audio, and, image to videos.

After tape-recording, instructors can easily share it with students. With this software, instructors can save a great deal of time on mentors.