8 Link Building Tools for 2021

8 Link Building Tools for 2021

The main part of developing your authority to improve the ranking potential in online search engine results pages (SERPs) is making links from other sites. This typical SEO method is referred to as link-building.

Link-building is an incredibly cost-effective way of driving traffic, while there are some terrific link-building tools out there that can make the process even quicker and easier.

Why Use Link-Building Tools?

Link building is an SEO method that includes obtaining links from other sites and including them in your own site content. A link is a method for site visitors to go from one page to another on the internet, and the goal of link-building is to boost search visibility.

Link building tools help you see who is linking to your site, identify what companies are linking to your competitor’s websites, and compile the webmaster’s contact information to help you develop a list of prospective link partners. In this short article, I will help you with the 8 of the best link-building tools for 2021. Let’s dig in!

#1 Ahrefs

Except for the other fantastic features it offers, Ahrefs is one of the very best link-building tools on the market which is embraced by bloggers, small website owners, and SEO service providers.

It is also one of the backlink building tools chosen for all types of web campaigns. It is priced at $7 for a week trial, while its agency pack is priced at $999, which is accessible by 5-users simultaneously.

#2 BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a link-building tool that helps you to connect with people to get sufficient backlinks. It provides you a very time-efficient research procedure where you can quickly navigate the prospect list, includes contacts to your campaign, and automatically collect site and social metrics.

You can set reminders to follow up, track project development, and share tasks with your group within a single platform.

#3 SEMrush

SEMrush is an online visibility software service provider, that has one of the best link-building software applications in 2020 with over 5 million active users.  It is one of the link-building tools, which is user-friendly for bloggers, website owners, SEO experts, and web designers, and is available as a freemium subscription.

By this, they have accomplished an unanticipated ranking of websites after using this tool for monitoring links, research on links, and improve relevant links.

#4 BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the best online link-building tools available out there, as their strategies are the very best for bloggers, webmasters, SEO specialists, and small companies.

Their plus strategy comes with endless searches, which is priced at $179 a month, while their large plan worth $299 a month is best for social media outreach. Moreover, their business plan worth $ 499 provides you their link information for 5-years analysis. 

#5 Pitchbox

Pitchbox is among the very best influencer outreach and content marketing platform, as it Identifies strong link-building opportunities for your domain and builds links to improve the rankings of your site.

It acts as an all-rounder, like being efficient in doing jobs such as finding potential customers, reporting on outreach, and whatever else required in between. It enables you to look for influencers based on your niche within a few seconds.

#6 Linkody

Linkody is very well known for its link-tracking and link-building tools that gather links and essential data from different sources. With Linkody, you can see a whole link profile for your domains, your competitors’ domains, and your clients’ domains, as it gathers link-tracking and link-building essential data from different sources.

Discover link-building opportunities, spot broken links, and aesthetically search and recognize your links on a page with a simple click, while you can also receive link notifications every day to see which ones are new and which ones are lost.

#7 NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is the complete bundle tool that supports your link-building strategy on every step.

It produces reliable influencer marketing campaigns by infiltrating the substantial database of influencers to find those appropriate ones that capture the attention of your target market. You simply have to type your keywords to access countless service profiles and their email addresses in any niche.

#8 Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a browser that allows you to see who is linking to your rivals’ content to recognize possible chances to construct backlinks to your own site.

The program provides you a complimentary report for any website you own, which works for ensuring your links are current and active. The totally free version is a good entree to the program, while to access the full data set, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.


Organic strategies for increasing your Google page ranking are constantly seen more positively than paid chances.

These low-cost link-building tools help you produce targeted links that will improve your website’s total SERP ranking and offer you information that can help you to be more competitive in your niche in the market.