How Do I Make a Video Game Montage

Video Game Montage

A great video game montage today can do wonders when trying to attract more followers to your stream, or brand. Have you had the chance to see the storytelling power of games such as Uncharted and The Last of Us? Literally, they don’t fall short of some of the biggest cinematic productions. I’m sure we can get a lot of video game montage tips from them.

The truth is: there are a few parallels in the video-gaming culture as well as the world of filming, and this is to the point that a gaming montage can be the pillar to esports and online competitive gaming in general.

The time and effort you put into creating a video gaming montage certainly won’t go unnoticed – whether you use the gaming montage to create buzz and attract some competition, show off what you’re capable of, or a simple parody gaming montage. In addition to that, what better way to show your XBOX or PS5 you recently got!

You’re to learn how to create a gaming montage? Let’s get right into it!

Getting started with making a video game montage on Windows and Mac

For this article, we are going to use one of my favorite video editors, Filmora, and how can this software make your job easier. Here we go:

  1. Download and run Filmora video editor – First things first: you will need to download the software for your Windows or Mac; install, open, and we can go on from there. Filmore offers two modes:
    – EASY MODE – which is recommended for beginners as it’s very easy to use.
    – FULL FEATURE MODE – This mode is suggested only for those who are more advanced and experienced at editing. 
  2. Upload photos and videos to the video editor – Now, you will have to go to the “FULL FEATURE MODE” to be able to make a video game montage. Now will have to open the folder and drag-and-drop the images and videos you want to include in the video. Additionally, you can use the option “Import Media Files” for the same purpose.
  3. Mix the photos and videos that you have – The moment you drag and drop the images and videos, they will automatically combine together. However, you will still be able to go through each slide and change what you think you should.
  4. Don’t forget to add background music to your video game montage – You can do so through the “MUSIC” icon where you will be able to pick your music for your background and confirm the duration of the music by dragging the slider. Additionally, you will be able to make any changes to the music files such as speed, volume, fade in, fade out, pitch, and so on.

    5. Add your cinematic touchWhile your creativity has to have its say, having the newest version of TotalFX can give you a good hand too. As for transitions, you can choose between dims to dynamic zooms, glowing transitions, you name it. You have to keep in mind that these videos have to be fun, so make sure you add any effects that you think work for your video and don’t forget about your personal touch, too.
  5. Make sure to export the video to social media platforms – Nobody will know that you actually made a video game montage until you actually decide to tell others – especially through social media. You can press “EXPORT” to upload your video to your favorite source, or simply type “Y” for YouTube. 

Additionally, if you want to make sure that gaming enthusiasts can watch your video through their mobiles, you can upload your video on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, just to name a few.

YouTube has been one of the main sources of uploading gaming montages for years and is still on top of the list for all gaming content creators. With over 2 billion views – your chances to have your video seen and gain subscribers because of it are massive. And then you will need to sit back, take some time off, see the results of your video you just uploaded, improve what didn’t work, and practice that to the next one!