Top 10 new studio gear for 2021

Top 10 new studio gear for 2021

You would know how noisy the world outside is once you get a studio. There’s no studio without studio gear and you need quality equipment to produce whatever you’re producing in your studio. Every year, new equipment is launched worldwide but the pandemic has stopped this market as well as all other markets all over the globe. There have been just a few recent launches.

The hardware market has been tremendously affected by the pandemic. Hardware manufacturers rely on hands-on factory work, a constant supply of parts, and physical shipments of their goods to us, the consumers, unlike tech companies, which have largely been able to turn to telework with limited interruptions. For this year, here is the latest and the best studio gear that you can use in your studio.

#1 Fender guitars and amps 

Fender is continuing its quick speed with exclusive new guitar styles and old favorite recombination. With the hybrid Jazz Strat Deluxe, the intriguing Parallel Universe line is getting an upgrade. And S, T, and offset-style bodies equipped with P90 pickups will feature the striking new Noventa series. New amplifiers are also being introduced by Fender, including a micro-sized headphone amp plug and some updates to the ’68 custom series.

#2 IK Multimedia iLoud MTM 

Flushed with the resounding success of the iLoud Micro, with its sound replication efforts with the cloud MTM, IK Multimedia has gone all-in with a new concept offering a totally neutral monitoring solution. In offering such a surgical level of clarity, the cloud MTM is a remarkable feature of audio engineering. For those with crowded offices, and those who want to dig deeper into their mix, it is a perfect option.

#3 Korg 

For 2021, Korg has announced an exciting lineup of new synths. The retro-leaning mini Korg 700FS re-issue and the forward-looking Modwave, a modern successor to the DW-8000 series, are new updates. It is reliable equipment and with the new updates even better to use now. 

#4 Tascam Model 12 

The Model 12 is a downsized counterpart to the Model 16 and 24 devices of last year, featuring the same faux-wood look and a style that pays tribute to the past classic Porta Studios. The Model 12 looks is a wonderfully versatile kit for musicians looking to balance small studio or live applications with on-the-go recording.

#5 Warm Audio Bus-Comp 

The Bus-Comp, a 2-channel replica of the legendary SSL bus compressor, was announced by Warm Audio. A few Cinemag transformers have also been added, which you can drive even without getting the compressor engaged. It is reasonably priced, is reliable, and works well. 

#6 Kali Audio IN-8 

These are large displays, so they pack a punch not only power-wise but also dimension-wise in a small-to-mid-sized room. It is like a sound wall that envelops you in the most intoxicating way. But it’s the nuance that shines through after the initial effect. It is a great option budget-wise as well.

#7 WesAudio ngBusComp 

The vision of a modern VCA bus compressor was unveiled by WesAudio. The ngBusComp not only has all the critical characteristics of a modern master compressor. It pairs with a plug-in that allows you to monitor all of its settings in your DAW and save them. With the added ease of digital power, the audio is stored in the analog domain.

 #8 PreSonus StudioLive AR8c 

The AR8c is the smallest and most accessible of the highly-regarded StudioLive mixers from PreSonus. The AR8c incorporates an eight-track analog mixer with a USB-C audio interface, an onboard recorder, and built-in effects as a do-it-all system for small-scale live production, studio use, and podcasters.

#9 AMS Neve AMS RMX16 

The RMX16 helped to characterize the sound of age as one of the first optical reverberators. Both nine original algorithms and nine aftermarket programs are included in the reissue, the latter of which was only available via remote control.

#10 Drawmer 1970

The 1960 successor provides the company with two preamp channels with 66 dB of gain, separate mic, line and instrument inputs, and ‘Big’ and ‘Air’ modes. Two mono tracking compressors or one stereo bus compressor can be used as the compressor portion.