Top 10 Songs of 2020

Top 10 Songs of 2020

2020 was a strange year for us all and the story of billboard is no different than that, with the global lockdown the music scene in 2020 was not what it used to be. However, still there were some massive hits at the beginning and at the end of the year. 

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of 2020’s music was that the songs of female lead singers continued to rule the billboards, whether it be Taylor Swift or Dua Lipa, female singers ruled the charts in 2020.

Here is a list of Top 10 songs of 2020. 

#1 Rain On Me

As mentioned before 2020 belonged to female singers, therefore seeing a female duo song on the top of the list comes as no surprise. Sung by Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, it is arguably the song of the year as it talks about the power of crying. The subject was such that millions of people across the globe could relate to it and this is precisely the reason why ‘Rain on Me’ has bagged the number one spot on billboard.  

#2 Blinding Lights

‘Blinding Lights’ by Weekend is at the second number. It offers a nostalgic ride into the ’80s and is one of those rare numbers that grip the listener from the starting note. 

#3 Savage

These days a song becomes hit because of unexpected things, the same was the case with this one. A dance challenge on TikTok made this song a national obsession. Moreover, two black females performing together for the first time also made this one a pretty special number. 

#4 Adore You

‘Adore You’ by Harry Styles is one of those numbers which has to play on the loop until your spouse complains to stop it or you’ll have to sleep on the couch tonight. It has a consistent beat with signature Styles voice, topped with a falsetto chorus which imparts the song a new and fresh feel. 

#5 WAP

Perhaps the most controversial song on our Top 10 list, Sung by the dynamic duo of Cardi and Megan, this song has its own dimensions, where normal songs bank on vocals on music; this one became a hit because of its explicit message and a great video. 

#6 Say So

Sung by Doja Cat, this one is arguably the most upbeat number of the Top 10 list. It is one of those numbers which make you groove to the beat. It also became popular because of a TikTok dance challenge which had millions of people all across the globe grooving to its catchy beat. 

#7 Dynamite

By now everyone’s well familiar with K-pop, however, none of us expected to see a K-pop English original song in the list of Top 10 songs of 2020. Well, 2020 has been a strange year, and here’s another surprise. This song does not only mark the first official entry of Korean singers into the English music industry but it also showcases the sheer power of music, how music transcends cross-cultural boundaries. 

#8 Mood

It is always heartening to see a young and aspiring singer making it big on the billboard and smashing the records. The mood is one of those songs that do complete justice to their name, if someone is having a bad day, this number would surely cheer them up. The pop number has all the necessary ingredients in perfect proportions to stand out, and it surely did. 

#9 Rockstar

They say beauty lies in simplicity and this is surely the case in the case of a rockstar, it is a guitar-laden track and yet it manages to capture the minds and hearts so listeners. There have been only handful of songs of this kind released in 2020, and out of those only rockstar manages to stand out. It is because of its simplicity which strums the right chords of emotions. 

#10 Break My Heart

The list began with a song from a female singer and the list ends with a female singer’s song. This pretty much sums the dominance of female singers on the music horizon in 2020. ‘Break My Heart’ is a signature Dua Lipa, from an expensive product to a dreamy beat, it is a perfect number for the road.