Top 10 video production companies in Chicago

Top 10 video production companies in Chicago

Videos are a great mode of advertisement for potential customers. Adding videos to your company’s website, app, or social media can add a lot of value to your business. It can prove to be very beneficial since videos are proved to be very engaging with people. 

It can grab their attention and keep it. That is why it is very important to get professionals to do this. People who have made the type of content you are looking for before too. This can help them make the videos as good as they can be. Following are the top video production companies of Chicago:

#1 Umault

Nault was founded in 2010 and it is a Chicago-based company. Their aim is to help you make new and innovative corporate videos. They help you get out of the boring corporate video routine and bring something new to this process. They direct their focus on making captivating content, target the right audience, and boost sales. The estimated budget for their videos is around $50,000.

#2 Flightless Bird Creative

This production company was made in 2015. They have had clients like Disney, Adidas, HBO, Johnson & Johnson, AmericInn, and AT&T. These are only a few of their clients; they have a much bigger portfolio. They do all of the parts necessary for video production. They take care of their creativity, production, and posting. You need a budget of at least $5,000 for them.

#3 Demo Duck

This is an animation production company that was founded back in 2011. They are best known for making explainer videos. They also help you humanize your name and brand. They have made various educational and creative videos for their clients. They have also expanded their business into live-action videos. The required budget is more than $5,000.

#4 Bottle Rocket Media

Its headquarters is located in Chicago. It was founded in 2011. Other than the traditional modes; they also provide AR and VR videos. They have had clients like McDonald’s, Sears, PayPal, Siemens, Kmart, Northwestern, etc. They have handled multiple high-profile clients. 

They handle the casting, writing, producing, and all the other aspects of the production. You need a budget of more than $10,000 to hire them.

#5 Furnace FPS

Another Chicago-based Production Company was founded in 2011. They usually focus on small and medium-sized businesses. They make documentaries and commercials.  They have worked in different industries like cooking, wine, music, travel, and many others. They have experience in various types of videos so you can certainly trust them with your work.

#6 JV Studios

Founded in 2012, JV Studio is a production company that focuses on making the most creative videos for your brand. They have clients like Google, Bosch, Ulta Beauty, and Kraft Heinz. If you check out their website you can find different types of videos that they have done. They are effective, dependable, and inquisitive.

#7 Real Video Production Co.               

This production company was founded in 2010. They take care of the pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery affairs. They perform marketing, intercommunications, non-profits, and entertainment services. Their clients include Fair Oaks Farms, Delmar, Faith Church, and Kraus Construction. Their required budget is around $5,000.

#8 Casual Films

This is a relatively old production company which was founded back in 2006. This means they have a lot of experience, more than the rest of the companies on the list. They have clients like Marriot, Facebook, GoDaddy, Google, Adobe, Chanel, and many others. The list keeps going with their impressive clientele. They can produce any time type of video.

#9 Loosekeys

Loosekeys was founded in 2011. It is a rather small company with 3 members. With video production services, they also provide social media marketing services. They can also make animated videos. Their target is small and mid-size businesses. You need a budget of more than $5,000 for their services.

#10 Pink Hippo Productions

It was founded in 2013. They provide the service of writing the videos as well as the production of them. They have shot the “Hot Ones” videos on YouTube. They have had clients like Disney, Atlantic Records, Come, Complex, and Tomy Toys. Their cheapest costs at least $10,000.