Top 20 ways to Boost Fan Following on TikTok

ways to Boost Fan Following on Tik Tok

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing application for both Android and IOS. The app came into existence back in 2012, founded by Zhang Yimming. TikTok got fame due to its incredible features and possibilities, including Lip-sync, Short dance, Comedy, and Drama. 

It gives people a spark to express their hidden talent to the world just by an unusual application. Millions of people around the globe use TikTok, especially teenagers. An immense number of people are making entertaining content and earning a handful of revenue via this platform. If you have a massive fan following on this application, you can earn good enough from it. We will discuss the top 20 ideas of video making to Boost Fan Following on TikTok.

Tricks and Approaches

Many of the tricks mentioned are universal and everlasting while some relate to recent events.

Unique Content

Making unique content is the key to Boost Fan Following on TikTok. Try something different and make catchy content and videos to attract more people to TikTok.

Quarantine Life

As we are living in this pandemic and people are currently living in Quarantine, share your isolation routine with people for example how to spend time indoors, how to get out, and ways of reducing your boredom.

Trending Hash Tag

People usually watch trending videos to entertain themselves on TikTok. Always follow the trending hashtags to make the content as it will provide you more views and likes.

Camera Sense

While producing the content, you have to be comfortable with the camera. Do not hesitate or shy to face the camera. Your comfort level with the camera will ensure that a professional-looking video is made.


If you are using any social media platform, then you have to be well-groomed, tidy, and charming.

Acting and Dancing Videos

Explore your hidden talent on TikTok and make videos of it. If you are good at acting and dancing, then make short video clips. If you flaunt different modeling styles, do that.


Collaborations and Duos are the best part of TikTok. It would be best if you collaborated with a friend to make a video.

Trendy Dares

Numerous social media challenges are trending, and people are crazy about it. Try doing these challenges to add more traffic to your account.

Introduce your Lifestyle

Introduce your lifestyle and living standards to the people like playing at home and workout videos etc. You can even try hairstyling and gymnastics skills too.

Social Media Influencing

You can make inspirational content and be a part of social media influencing. Make videos on a hot topic and motivate people. Your fan following will increase within a short time.

Engage with the Audience

Engage your fans as much as you can on TikTok. Ask them a question or trigger a social discussion on a topic.

Grab their Interest

Make content according to the interest of the people in a unique manner.


Be punctual and make videos regularly. If you do not make videos daily, then people will lose interest. 

Nostalgia Music

Nostalgia music is mainstream, and people just love it on TikTok. It helps them to relate it with their life events and situations.

Try Something New

Try to make some new and exciting content on TikTok. Catchy content with an unexplored dimension always attracts people. 

React Immediately

Make reaction videos and post your reactions on different issues. It will double your fan following in a short time.

Voice Over

Voice over is trending on TikTok, and people are doing voiceovers like a pro. Just sync your lips and make a good voice over the video.

Exciting Experiments

Make videos on exciting science experiments. People like to watch such videos, especially teenagers.

Makeover Videos

Makeover videos are trendy nowadays, and people are uploading their makeover videos all around the world. Just follow the trend.

Art Videos

People are crazy about art and crafts. Make videos of your creativity and show it to the world.