Top 30 GIF Illustrators and Designers

Top 30 GIF Illustrators and Designers

We’re in a world where communication progressively takes place online, and GIFs are on the increase. For the next generation of developers and designers, knowing your method around movement graphics and having a great understanding of the essentials of developing a GIF is vital.

GIF is essentially an image file format that is animated by combining a number of other images or frames into a file, and then this file is encoded as a graphics interchange format or GIF. Unlike the JPEG image format, GIFs normally use a compression algorithm described as LZW encoding that does not degrade the image quality and enables easy keeping of the file in bytes.

The numerous images within a single GIF file are displayed in succession to create a short film or an animated clip. While animated GIFs show the sequence of images only when stopping when the last image or frame is shown, it can also loop endlessly or stop after a few sequences. Today I have carefully picked a list of 30 well-known GIF illustrators you must learn about. Let’s dig in!

Top 30 GIF Illustrators and Designers

# 1 Lacey Micallef – Inspired by the digitized look of early video games in addition to the pop art advancement of current decades, Lacey Micallef’s GIF art is unapologetic and astonishing.

# 2 Micaël Reynaud – Micaël Reynaud takes snippets from everyday life and produces engaging art with them.

# 3 Carl Burton – Combining his skills as an illustrator and 3D artist, Burtons’s GIFs create engaging areas and environments.

# 4 Chris Phillips – From amusing self-portrait to pandas dropping a slide, illustrator Chris Phillip’s GIFs are so consistently enjoyable and wacky.

# 5 Uno Moralez – Uno creates highly detailed GIFS that seem to shimmer with a sinister, ’80s computer game vibe.

# 6 Patakk – Patakk prefers images that obtain greatly from geometry and typography, leading to creations that will have you mesmerized.

# 7 Joe Maccarone – Joe Maccarone has actually become understood for his weird and in some cases macabre GIF design.

# 8 Sachin Teng – With extremely fancy designs that perfectly blend the realistic with the cartoon-like, Sachin Teng’s GIFs are quirky in the very best possible method. His customers consist of Wired, The New Yorker, Adidas, and lots of others.

# 9 Rebecca Mock – This GIF artist develops images that are extremely much like paintings and tend to have subtle motions, and her GIFs have appeared in Adventure Time comics as well as the New York Times.

# 10 Yang Hua Chun – This talented Chinese animator chooses calligraphy and hand-drawing the bulk of GIF work overusing CGI, and the result is a truly transfixing effect.

# 11 Archery – This innovative GIF artist produces mesmerizing loops using Mathematica software application.

# 12 Cindy Suen – Cindy is as internet-friendly as you get, with food, and lots of cats. She’s even been commissioned by Tumblr, Google, and Giphy itself. She’s fun, delighted, and always makes you pleased too.

# 13 Jen Lee – Jen Lee is the creator of the Thunderpaw series which is equivalent parts online comic and Saturday morning animation for kids. The style combines traditional Sumi-e painting impacts with cartoon-like figures and landscapes.

# 14 Mathieu Boulet – This French artist uses his GIF skills to give a voice to his day-to-day observations and musings.

# 15 Rafael Verona – This artist confesses to being “obsessed with loops,” and it comes through in his transcendent work.

# 16 Eran Mendel – We attempt to stay far away from fan art, as not all of them are up to expectations, however, it is not easy to resist Eran’s lovely, imaginative, fresh GIFs of Game of Thrones season 6.

# 17 Matthew DiVito – Mr. Div’s art is very special, focusing on geometric shapes and flickering elements in his styles for a truly cosmic impact.

# 18 Ryan Andrews – Ryan Andrews’ style is somewhat basic, however, it is absolutely beautiful, and his comics include Eisner Award-nominated Our Bloodstained Roof, Sarah, and the Seed, among others.

# 19 Edward Carvalho-Monaghan – This London artist combines bizarre creatures in a vibrant comic book style that sets him apart from the rest.

# 20 Guillaume Kurkdijan – There is a place for French illustrator Guillaume Kurkdijan, and he hasn’t dissatisfied, creating clean, irresistible looking GIFs that constantly inform a simple, but clever or amusing story, while being full of life.

# 21 KCLogg – This Russian game designer takes color pencil drawings and transforms them into genuinely enchanting creations.

# 22 Hateplow – Considered by some to be a reincarnation of Michelangelo, Hateplow takes ancient Greek sculptures to brand-new levels.

# 23 Christina Lu – Christina Lu creates simple however delightful GIFs in pastel colors.

# 24 Lilli Carré – Lilli Carré artfully animates conventional media illustrations with attention-grabbing effects.

# 25 Adam Ellis – With subtle movements and solid illustration abilities, Adam Ellis produces genuinely eye-catching GIFs.

# 26 Nicolas Menard – This Montreal artist has a design that imitates screen prints and infographics and brings them alive.

# 27 Paul Robertson – When it concerns the 8-bit psycho-scape, Paul Robertson is the master.

# 28 Julian Glander – This Brooklyn artist utilizes bold colors and simple shapes to produce eccentric GIFs fans love.

# 29 James Curran – Overflowing with smart ideas, always engaging and unexpected, and popping with positive charm, James’ GIFs reveal his understanding and ease with his new and enjoyable kind of GIFs.

# 30 Lucy Vigrass – Not that Peepshow, but a cumulative, works across illustration, setup, and animation. The London-based illustrator’s GIFs are enjoyable, bright, and engaging. She routinely collaborates with animator Pete Mallor, who also works for Peepshow.

Animated GIF artists are well known for their skill in making fixed images come alive in subtle and not so subtle ways. Take pleasure in these animated GIF artists‘ creations and let them inspire your future designs.