Top 6 Pinterest Trend Predictions for 2021

Top 6 Pinterest Trend Predictions for 2021

The social platform offers concepts for Zoom-friendly eye makeup looks, embellishing tips for multipurpose spaces now that we’re all spending more time at home, and even recipes for developing gourmet-style meals.

However, the popularity of the platform likewise lies in discovery. Sometimes the simple act of searching Pinterest can lead you to an imaginative idea or craft job that can bring a little joy to your life in an instant.

Thankfully, there are no signs of this decreasing at any time quickly, as Pinterest just recently revealed the top trends we can expect to see in 2021 in the worlds of design, beauty, home, food, and travel (after coronavirus is knocked out). Scroll down for a snapshot of Pinterest’s 2021 trend forecasts!

#1 Travel

2020 kept the majority of us homebound and under lockdown, and we’re all itching to start preparing our vacations for whenever this pandemic is really under control.

People are beginning to look to abroad travel, however more than ever, Pinners are embracing more outdoor expedition, with searches for Recreational Vehicle camping starting to look on the rise.

Pinterest also discovered that individuals will be trying to find methods to make their vehicles more comfy and functional, as local and national travel will see an uptick next year.

#2 More Door

The open layout will be a distant memory, including closed-door concepts. In its very recent report, Pinterest predicts that the “cloffice”, a workplace within a closet, will be all the rage.

#3 Breakfast charcuterie boards

The food industry was changed by the pandemic. Among the many different trends gleaned from Pinterest’s search data, French charcuterie boards, cooking in the house, and simulating the dining-out experience was amongst the top.

“There are many new food-related trends predicted for 2021,” says Kanai, “Pinners will experiment with new flavors techniques and cuisines at home. We’ll see the rise of more spiced-up recipes and intense flavor profiles. Pinners will also entertain differently with a new take on what the French call a charcuterie board, except that instead of cold cuts, they’ll serve breakfast or dessert spreads.”

#4 Planet is the New Playground

Parents will get more imaginative when it comes to teaching their children at home. Don’t be shocked when you start to see more art projects featuring essential family items or school supplies.

#5 Well-being

Pinterest predicts that people will prioritize their mental, physical, and spiritual health, with New Age wellness trends coming back on the spotlight and alternative healing techniques becoming more mainstream.

Among the most interesting findings is that sleep care will be the new self-care with people focusing on a good night’s rest and how to achieve it. There has actually been an increase in searches year over year for:

– night affirmations sleep +100%

– sleep yoga +90%

– silk sleepwear +60%

– sleep workout 3x

– sleep blends for diffuser +80%

#6 Digital Decor

This year, house design was a focus for many people, however, according to Pinterest, Gen Z pinners will be everything about dressing up their laptop computers and phones with quotations wallpapers and lock screens.

What the Future Holds for Pinterest

The trends noted above are solely a taste of what’s been said in Pinterest’s yearly trend report. It’s worth digging into the classifications that are relevant for your brand to help get an understanding of what your target market has been looking for throughout 2020 so you can plan ahead as we move into 2021.

Findings are broken down geographically with primary topics like Home, Food, Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness, equally popular throughout all nations.