Top 9 SEO Tools to Boost Your Rankings

Top 9 SEO Tools to Boost Your Rankings

It’s not so fun when every time Google creates an update in its Search Engine Algorithm, you have to put effort and time to customize the website accordingly. It’s a complex task for anybody to optimize the site in such a brief period of time and on top of that, especially if you have to do it manually.

Even if you are on the brink of optimizing a newly constructed site, in terms of SEO, it can be a relief when some help from a tool delivers all the breakthroughs about the competitive market, recent trends, and growth opportunities.

I’ve gathered a list of the very best complimentary SEO tools on the market, tools that cover a number of common needs, quick, complimentary, and user friendly. I hope you find one or a couple of you can put in use for your SEO needs.

#1 Ahrefs

Off-page SEO is a term that you will not take seriously until your on-page optimizations have stopped generating sufficient growth. When you are thinking about the total SEO plan, there is a need to provide equivalent significance to the ‘Off-Page Strategies’ also.

When I talk about off-page SEO, backlinks are the most crucial traffic source for improving domain authority and sending good signals to the crawler.

There are outstanding SEO tools that you can use to carry out off-page SEO, however above all of them, one that I suggest is, Ahrefs. It has a set of functions that complement each other for increasing traffic, and it can be the most perfect tool for exploring brand-new backlink opportunities.

#2 Serpstat

Serpstat is a growth-hacking platform for content marketing, PPC, and  SEO goals. If you’re trying to find an inexpensive all-in-one tool to analyze competitors, fix SEO tasks, and manage your team, Serpstat will be a perfect choice. Lots of professionals are now shifting to the tool, as it has collected competitor analysis data and keywords for all the Google regions in the world.

Furthermore, Serpstat is known for its incredible options, and the most popular one is a Missing Keywords option, which identifies the keywords that your rivals are ranking for in the top 10 search results page, and you aren’t.

#3 Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a tool for your keywords research requirement, while the most special feature is the user interface. You just need to set up a chrome plugin and search relevant terms based upon your needs. The tool will instantly fetch related keyword information on the search results page itself.

So, compared to the keyword coordinator or any other tool, you do not need to go through the tool and examine the dashboard for all the data. However, if you want to get  CPC information and keyword search volume along with keywords data, recently they have started a paid membership plan.

#4 Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is considered among the very best SEO tools online by experts, as they enjoy the time this tool saved for them by analyzing your site very fast to perform site audits. In fact, many SEO experts say that the speed at which Screaming Frog gives you the data is much faster than the majority of SEO tools online.

This tool also informs you of errors to fix, bad redirections, duplicate content, and enhancement locations for link structure, while their SEO Spider tool is considered the best feature by leading SEO specialists.

#5 BuzzStream

When talking about off-page SEO, link-building is among the most complicated tasks that need patience. The link-building procedure includes varied strategies like interaction, outreach, follow-ups, and a win-win proposition for the exchange of resources.

It requires internal team collaboration and a proper follow-up cycle on handling external publications. Manually, this job can take months of your time while BuzzStream can minimize it to a minimal level.

#6 Fat Rank

SEO Chrome extensions like Fat Rank allow you to quickly examine the performance of your website. This SEO keyword tool gives you data on the ranking of your keywords, as you can include keywords in your search to dig out on your rank per page for each keyword you optimized for.

If you do not rank for the top 100 results, then it will tell you that you’re not being ranked for that keyword, and this info allows you to better improve your site for that keyword so you can modify as needed.

#7 Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured data helps to provide context to the info on your page. This tool from Google utilizes live data to validate the structured information for any website, or you can copy/paste code to evaluate it.

#8 vidIQ – Video SEO

YouTube represents one-third of all internet users, and these statistics can give a great hint towards the importance of YouTube in your video marketing technique.

For getting the most out of YouYube videos, you have to implement SEO strategies. Despite the fact that YouTube SEO is not a buzzword, you should not overlook it when working on brand-related video optimization.

VidIQ tool has the best features which can improve your youtube rankings through SEO optimization.

#9 Copyscape – Check for Plagiarised Content

Enter a URL for a blog article or site, and Copyscape can let you know where else that same content exists online. You may discover results that you’ll need to follow up with in order to get your SEO in better shape.