Top Stats for Facebook Gaming You Should Know in 2020

Top Stats for Facebook Gaming You Should Know in 2020

Twitch is still the greatest player in-game streaming by far, but in spite of seeing hours growing from 716 million to 732 million year-over-year, Twitch’s market share dropped from 68 to 60 percent.

It might be feeling the pressure of the competition a bit more these days. The Information just recently reported Twitch’s advertisement income is not growing as rapidly as they hoped.

Facebook Gaming gets the Market Share of Mixer

Microsoft shocked the world by suddenly closing down Mixer and partnering with Facebook Gaming, which was a big deal, not just because of the colossal collaboration. The mixer was nowhere near doing Twitch numbers, but the platform had actually established a firm grasp of the second-place position in a fairly small window of time.

Facebook Gaming was really in 4th place in terms of viewership, still routing the basically defunct YouTube Gaming. After embracing Mixer’s fans, which also means Twitch’s expatriates, and following this new offer with Microsoft, it’s inescapable that Facebook will catapult past YouTube in the streaming realm and attempt to challenge the giant that is Twitch.

Market Share Growth

In December 2019, it had an 8.4 percent market share, counted by the overall time individuals spent seeing those two services, Mixer and YouTube Gaming, compared to 3.2 percent a year earlier, according to data from StreamElements and

That represents a 210% boost in month-to-month viewership year-over-year to just over 105 million hours seen.

User Base’ Growth

Facebook Gaming constantly looks like a brilliant concept for the same factor YouTube Gaming did – because it already has a massive audience. Over 2 billion people use Facebook, suggesting the potential for the greatest Facebook stream to acquire a massive audience overshadows that of almost any other online platform.

The Facebook Gaming app even takes some very needed actions toward making Facebook streams more visible, nevertheless, those benefits have only played out on paper so far, which says it why Twitch is too well-established as a brand.

Outrageous Views Growth

It’s worth keeping in mind that market share is a relative metric and a number of elements are in play, including a larger general audience on these services, viewers viewed 1.18 billion hours throughout the four of them in December, up from 1.05 billion a year previously.

The report recommends that Facebook Gaming’s development is mostly due to existing streamers building their audience and new faces drawing huge numbers. On average, Facebook Gaming streamers were broadcasting for 65 percent more hours in 2015 than in 2019, which also helped enhance viewership numbers.

Top 5 Largest Audiences on Facebook Gaming

#1 Kiloo Games – 15 million fans

#2 CrowdStart – 8.5 million fans

#3 Ubisoft Latam – 6.2 million fans

#4 EA Sports – 5.6 million fans

#5 Ubisoft Brasil – 5.5 million fans


Facebook can deal with discoverability from angles that platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming can’t. On a standard level, if it can make Facebook Gaming as a brand name a more common part of the platform than it is today, it might more quickly take advantage of that enormous user base.

After all these years, it’s unlikely that Twitch will ever resolve its discoverability problem completely, while it’s more much likely that Facebook could fine-tune its identity and make gaming more of a focal point.